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PeopleString is an incentive-based social network that pays users to receive regular direct mail as well as for performing a host of internet activities. It generates revenue for users through an opt-in direct mail program and their use of email, instant messaging, video email, file storage and shopping. In addition, PeopleString's technology allows users to generate additional revenue by creating a personal affiliate network through signing up friends and businesses through multiple digital bonds. The user who creates his or her own affiliate network will generate income each time any other user in the affiliate network earns money as well.

BigString / BigString.com, with the ticker, BSGC, the publicly traded corporation, is the parent company of PeopleString.

BigString was incorporated in the State of Delaware on October 8, 2003 under the name "Recall Mail Corporation." The company's name was formally changed to BigString Corporation in July 2005. BigString was formed, together with Email Emissary, incorporated in the State of Oklahoma on August 7, 2003, to develop technology that would allow the user of email services to have comprehensive control, security and privacy relating to the email generated by the user. Email Emissary was later acquired by BigString in July 2004. In September 2006, all of Email Emissary's assets, including its pending patent application, were transferred to BigString. Email Emissary was dissolved on May 17, 2007. BigString Interactive, incorporated in the State of New Jersey on January 20, 2006, and PeopleString, incorporated in the State of Delaware on January 2, 2009, are wholly-owned subsidiaries of BigString.

Development Stage Company

BigString is considered a development stage enterprise as defined in the Financial Accounting Standards Board (the "FASB") Statement No. 7, "Accounting and Reporting for Development Stage Companies." BigString has limited revenue to date, continues to raise capital and there is no assurance that ultimately BigString will achieve a profitable level of operations.


BigString is a technology firm with a global client base, focused on providing a superior online communications experience for its users. Its goal is to make Internet communication more efficient, reliable and valuable, while protecting individual privacy and intellectual property. Its innovations in recallable, erasable email provide a new level of privacy and security for those who wish to protect their proprietary information and manage their digital rights. The Company serves four main email markets: free and premium fee email accounts for individuals professional business email solutions email marketing services and email hosting, private label, and co-branded solutions for web publishers and content sites, such as search engines, social networks, online dating sites, ISPs and social media portals. A few of the key features of its email services include: self-destructing video email that could be programmed to self-destruct after a specific number of viewings or a set time new tracking tools to enable the sender to know when and how many times their email has been opened and if it has been forwarded file storage center that allows users to store up to 2 GB of files on its servers unlimited email storage and Three Layer Secure Email for sensitive correspondence that enables users to send encrypted, password-protected email with the Company's unique auto-expiration and non-forward features. The Company continues to build messaging and streaming audio and video products and services focused on security and privacy for Internet communications. In 2007, the Company released its first social networking applications which address the need for protecting privacy on social network sites, such as Facebook(r), MySpace(r), Friendster(r) and LinkedIn(r). These applications allow users to easily send and receive messages, notifications, email and videos that self-destruct on command.


Overview My Idea Will Make Millions!

October 30, 2007

Donny Deutsch of CNBC's "The Big Idea", interviews Darin M. Myman - President and Chief Executive Officer of BigString Corporation on the idea of Recallable Email.


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